Porsche cup racing is back in Brands Hatch. Around 100 Porsche GT3 Cup cars gathered to this cozy roller coaster in the woods of Kent, the UK for the 5th round of Mobil 1 Cup powered by Although Sunday evening for drivers in their rigs wasn’t so cozy. It was a tense fight, where German Jan Nimz took it all.

WSS Mobil 1 grid

Hundred identical Porsches with screaming H6 engines racing at Brands Hach at late evening? Sound’s fun, but you could only dream about it. Old neighbor ladies from West Kingsdown wouldn’t be pleased with that. Although in the World Sim Series platform everything is possible. Not only to race with fellows sim racers but to win money or Mobil 1 oil from Watch the replay here:

It gathered around 100 drivers, they were divided into 4 separate divisions by their speed and 8 round championship now got to the 5th round.

J. Nimz

Now quickly to the quali: German Jan Nimz was fastest with a time of 1:26.425. Lithuanian Tauras Tunyla took the second grid slot being just a tenth and a bit from the pole. His fellow from the same country Edvinas Zadeikis took third. Championship leader Jakub Charkot from Poland was the only 9th, but his car was 100 kg heavier as he had to carry some stones as a reward for his winnings. All the fastest drivers get additional weight. And as you see, it changes a lot, because all the sim racers in this cup are very close. 18 drivers fitted in one second here. And 18th, exactly one second behind pole-sitter was last race winner Lithuanian Grantas Kareckas. What a plot!

Division 1 quali results

1  Jan Nimz 01:26.452
2  Tauras Tunyla 01:26.586
3  Edvinas Žadeikis 01:26.665
4  Evaldas Dzialtuvas 01:26.694
5  Simonas Urbonas 01:26.757

E. Zadeikis

The race started very well for Nimz, but quite badly for Tauras Tunyla. He dropped to 6th on the first few corners, on the end of the first lap Simonas Urbonas rushed to 2nd. There was much of action and overtaking happening on the first lap with a few scratches, but no crashes. The only highest quality of pure racing, demonstrated by Mobil 1 Cup powered by participants.

Simonas Urbonas

Jan Nimz continued to lead. Most of the action in one hour race with mandatory pit-stop provided “Dream 2 Drive” team. First, Laurynas Razas crashed out just before the second corner and crashed into Tauras Tunyla, which was behind him.

Then, Tauras Tunyla and Tauras Gudinavicius showed a brilliant fight with Justinas Saldukas to the last lap. Although no one of these Lithuanians got a place on the podium.

Nimz took a comfortable win, followed by Edvinas Zadeikis and Simonas Urbonas.
Now drivers can have some rest, as the journey to 6th round of Mobil 1 Cup powered by won’t be very long. Just a few hundred miles through UK’s midlands to the Cheshire, where we will meet at Oulton Park.

Join the grid HERE!

Simonas Urbonas

Take a look at the results:
Division 1 TOP5

PosStartCarDriverGap Best lapIncLapsSeries PtsRatingPrize
1 Jan Nimz60:02.91301:26.168041 (41)301525 (+67)
3 Edvinas Žadeikis+00:13.10401:26.133341 (41)311540 (+56)
5 Simonas Urbonas+00:19.57501:26.552441 (41)221611 (+34)
8 Justinas Saldukas+00:28.14001:26.252441 (41)201309 (+80)
2 Tauras Tunyla+00:28.87101:26.3971041 (41)181535 (+25)

Division 2 TOP5

PosStartCarDriverGap Best lapIncLapsSeries PtsRatingPrize
1 Arnas Šleivys60:58.11501:27.225241 (41)151169 (+76)
8 Victor Tena+00:09.36501:27.536241 (41)141231 (+54)
6 Karolis Vilčinskas+00:12.73701:27.338241 (41)131208 (+51)
3 Dani Ramentol+00:18.92801:26.836341 (41)121189 (+47)
7 Reinis Fridbergs+00:32.36301:27.044741 (41)111124 (+54)

Division 3 TOP5

PosStartCarDriverGap Best lapIncLapsSeries PtsRatingPrize
3 Janis Dancis61:02.39901:26.731041 (41)151056 (+59)
2 Andrius Gelzinis+00:04.29101:27.652041 (41)141013 (+59)
1 Jonas Gelzinis+00:29.38501:27.373141 (41)131027 (+48)
5 Martin Bodmer+01:19.12101:28.930441 (41)121043 (+37)
8 Rokas Steponavicius+01:36.636 (+00:10.000) 01:28.392741 (41)111040 (+30)

Division 4 TOP5

PosStartCarDriverGap Best lapIncLapsSeries PtsRatingPrize
1 Edgars Sproģis61:08.83001:28.172140 (40)15963 (+25)
2 Raivo Dripe+01:01.63001:29.9051240 (40)14955 (+18)
5 Arminas Tomasevicius+01:06.27301:30.297440 (40)13913 (+13)
3 Sirvydas Simkus+01:41.37801:29.254540 (40)12951 (+2)
6 Sacha Galguera-1L01:31.359039 (39)11914 (-3)

TOP30 overall standings after round 5

1 Jakub Charkot+100kg991344
2 Tauras Gudinavicius+85kg960355
3 Edvinas Žadeikis+70kg950255
4 Jan Nimz+100kg922255
5 Grantas Kareckas+90kg911255
6 Simonas Urbonas+75kg910255
7 Evaldas Dzialtuvas700255
8 Davis Bite+20kg660055
9 Reinis Fridbergs610355
10 Justinas Saldukas+20kg610055
11 Dani Ramentol562344
12 Laurynas Razas560055
13 Arnas Šleivys541355
14 Haroldas Jotautas530055
15 Aurimas Mištautas500155
16 Andrejs Gubarevs+15kg500044
17 Tauras Tunyla+35kg490044
18 Girts Lapskalns480255
19 Norbert Morvai+50kg472243
20 Raivo Dripe470255
21 Tomas Čeida470055
22 Andrius Gelzinis442343
23 Estefano Barrera R431155
24 Sacha Galguera430054
25 Simas Veršickas420155
26 Martin Bodmer420055
27 Augustas Sleiva410154
28 Tomáš Lošonský410055
29 Jonas Gelzinis380253
30 Ivan Moyano371253


The fourth round of Mobil 1 Cup powered by just finished in the glamour of Monte Carlo streets. However, the race was not so glamorous. It was hard and full of action, where Lithuanian Grantas Kareckas showed his ability to stay out of it and take an easy win as Hamilton does on Formula 1 these days.

Three-time Formula-1 World Champion Nelson Piquet once said, that “Driving an F1 car in Monaco is like riding a bicycle around your living room”. We cannot imagine the F1 calendar without this legendary and glamorous circuit (and that exact year just passed by), it’s history. But we can agree, that the race in a super narrow 3,3 km city circuit isn’t very interesting as it’s impossible to overtake.

You think so as well? Then you should watch the fourth round of Mobil 1 Cup powered by championship where more than a hundred e-racing specialists gathered in Porsche GT3 Cup cars with the identical set-up. As the track is too small for that amount of participants, they were divided into divisions according to their WSS rating. Find the broadcast here:

How close was the competition? Well, in qualification 16 drivers squashed into one second, but one Lithuanian Grantas Kareckas, it seems, was used to driving a bike inside his house as he lapped the circuit almost half a second quicker than the other ones. Take a look at TOP5:

PosStartCarDriverBest lapIncLapsRatingPrize
1 Grantas Kareckas01:33.628010 (9)
2 Tauras Gudinavicius01:34.101410 (10)
3 Giuseppe Mazzei01:34.22229 (8)
4 Jakub Charkot01:34.29728 (8)
5 Andrejs Gubarevs01:34.304010 (10)

When the lights went out, Grantas made a brilliant start and kept the lead, but behind him, hell broke loose. Italian Giuzeppe Mazzei sprinted to 2nd, championship leader Polish Jakub Charkot took 3rd and Lithuanian Tauras Gudinavičius not only lost podium places but was lucky to stay 4th after he rubbed both of his car mirrors to Gubarevs Porsche from one side and the wall from other in the second corner. E. Dean and E. Zadeikis pushed each other on a hairpin and last round winner J. Nimz got the air.

After some full of action-packed laps it seemed that the race convoy is getting it’s shape, but on lap 8 Zadeikis knocked Urbonas on the hairpin turning his car sideways and blocking the way. The hell broke loose again.
Only Grantas Kareckas raced his way with a brilliant pace perfect mandatory pit stop strategy and no incidents to a finish line to take the unquestionable win.

Lithuanian Evaldas Dzialtuvas took a SUPER LAP prize (1:33.608), gets 5 additional championship points, and 5 liters of MOBIL 1 oil from

The next round of Mobil 1 CUP is already this Sunday which will take us to England – Brands Hatch GP circuit.

1 Division race results:

PosStartCarDriverGap Best lapIncLapsSeries PtsRatingPrize
1 Grantas Kareckas60:26.215 (+00:05.000) 01:34.197038 (38)301572 (+54)
4 Jakub Charkot+00:09.91301:34.509438 (38)261833 (+9)
2 Tauras Gudinavicius+00:15.78901:34.704938 (38)221634 (+27)
3 Giuseppe Mazzei+00:24.84801:34.623138 (38)201336 (+77)
5 Andrejs Gubarevs+00:25.19701:34.436838 (38)181301 (+75)

2 Division race results:

PosStartCarDriverGap Best lapIncLapsSeries PtsRatingPrize
3 Dani Ramentol61:23.30001:35.323738 (38)151121 (+68)
1 Karolis Pakrosnis+00:04.59801:34.8631038 (38)141290 (+32)
2 Augustas Sleiva+00:20.96201:34.268738 (38)131112 (+54)
10 Walter R+00:27.23101:35.1441238 (38)121278 (+18)
8 Estefano Barrera R+00:45.58701:35.3581338 (38)111138 (+33)

3 Division race results:

PosStartCarDriverGap Best lapIncLapsSeries PtsRatingPrize
11 Janis Cudovs61:19.42701:35.8031937 (37)151076 (+57)
5 Reinis Fridbergs+00:02.48301:35.4221237 (37)141051 (+54)
12 Simas Veršickas+00:07.82401:36.9141837 (37)131058 (+44)
13 Martin Bodmer+00:08.77501:37.0171237 (37)12994 (+49)
10 Tomáš Lošonský+00:40.68601:36.8261637 (37)111082 (+24)

4 Division race results

1 Ivan Moyano61:27.41701:33.8621438 (38)15934 (+28)
3 Rolands Dripe-1L01:38.6501037 (37)14896 (+23)
2 Raivo Dripe-1L01:37.6951637 (37)13944 (+11)
8 Jon Cole-2L01:39.320736 (36)12960 (+1)

TOP30 overall season standings after round 4

1 Jakub Charkot+100kg881333
2 Grantas Kareckas+90kg861244
3 Tauras Gudinavicius+85kg800344
4 Simonas Urbonas+50kg690144
5 Edvinas Žadeikis+35kg640144
6 Jan Nimz+50kg621144
7 Evaldas Dzialtuvas560244
8 Davis Bite+20kg540044
9 Reinis Fridbergs500344
10 Norbert Morvai+50kg472243
11 Laurynas Razas470044
12 Girts Lapskalns450244
13 Dani Ramentol442333
14 Haroldas Jotautas430044
15 Aurimas Mištautas420144
16 Justinas Saldukas410044
17 Arnas Šleivys390244
18 Tomáš Lošonský390044
19 Estefano Barrera R381144
20 Augustas Sleiva370143
21 Tomas Čeida370044
22 Andrejs Gubarevs+15kg370033
23 Lukas Hellmann361233
24 Simas Veršickas360144
25 Julius Adomavičius351243
26 Giuseppe Mazzei+20kg351122
27 Eyal Drukman340143
28 Maximilian Rörig330233
29 Raivo Dripe330144
30 Vytautas Sabutis320044


At last, after months of qualifying 100 best sim racers from all the Europe started Dream2Drive Semi-finals. And oh boy, what a start it was, showing that first round at Mugello track winner Karolis Jovaisa won’t have any time for a break in next ten weeks competing for the pole position to the finals.
More than 1200 sim racers from all of Europe registered Dream2Drive qualifications in the last two months, and only 100 fastest got a ticket to the semi-finals.

Watch full replay here

Over here all participants are divided into 4 divisions according to Q results and start racing from zero. Unknown track, unknown cars. Semi-finals will show the best and most versatile drivers because they still don’t know where and what they will be driving for the whole 6 rounds. The track and the car will be announced only a week before the race leaving just enough time for practice.

The first surprise – demanding 5 and a bit kilometers long Mugello circuit in Italy carved with 15 high-speed corners. The cars – also Italian. Maserati Gran Turismo MC GT4 with screaming 4.7 liter Ferrari V8’s producing 430 HP to the rear wheels through sequential 6-speed gearbox. Very exciting to drive, but not so easy to handle: more than 1.4 tons lump of metal doesn’t have any driver aids. No traction control, no ABS. And it’s forbidden for participants to configure cars set up to meet their driving style. Everyone drives completely identical cars.
And what is the outcome? In 1st division, 15 sim racers squeezed into 1 second. Kamil Pawlowski from Poland showed the best time @ 1:55.839, followed by previous Dream2Drive championships participants Lithuanian Karolis Jovaisa and Estonian Urmas Riis who were respectively 0.031 and 0.262 sec. slower.
In the second division, Oscar Williams from Great Britain was by far the fastest, setting time of 1:56.161. Not far away was third division pole-sitter Lithuanian Domantas Varnys with a time of 1:56.181. And in the 4th division, the fastest time of 1:57.072 was set by Finnish guy Roope Kurkipaa.

The race showed that the following rounds of Dream2Drive semi-finals will be packed with action. Especially between K. Pawlowski and K. Jovaisa. As the Polish driver got a better start to the long straight to the first corners, Lithuanian in following 2nd and 3rd turns showed him his weak spots at defense and took the lead, which he kept until the finish line. Although the first two podium steps were decided in the first corners, the whole 30 mins of the race were intense: Kamil was chasing Karolis all of 15 laps within the 1 sec. gap, breathing his exhaust fumes and patiently waiting for a mistake, but Lithuanian never did one and won the first round of Dream2Drive semi-finals. Edvinas Zadeikis fought well from 6th to stand on the last step of podium.

In the second division the pole-sitter Oscar Williams hasn’t left any chances for the others to win. The same happened in the third division, where Domantas Varnys took most points of the first round. Those guys will be promoted to higher classes. The 5 fastest drivers from each division go to one ahead in the following race.
And what about 4th division qualify winner Roope? Well, he won’t go anywhere as his race ended not quite how he hoped. Fin finished last and will compete in 4th division with 5 new drivers, whose race went wrong in 3rd (yup, you guessed, 5 slowest drivers after every race goes one division back. Rotation improves racing) as the winner Polish guy Erik Szymendera and other 4 fastest goes up. Well, he would like to forget this race as he came last. All the championship points over there took Polish driver Erik Szymendera.
Next round will be on the air in less than two weeks, on 21st January, Thursday evening. What car participants will be racing and where? Follow, Dream2Drive social, we will announce it a week before the second round.
The podiums of all the divisions:

TOP30 Overall semi-final standings after round 1

1 Karolis Jovaisa251111
2 Oscar Williams201111
3 Kamil Pawlowski180111
4 Domantas Varnys151111
5 Edvinas Žadeikis150111
6 Matus Markech130111
7 Dávid Kalocsai120011
8 Eryk Szymendera101111
9 Henri Mckenzie Freedman100111
10 Haroldas Jotautas100111
11 Urmas Riis100011
12 Ruben Van Tiem90111
13 Marius Kurnickas80111
14 Christopher Gruber80111
15 Isaac Gillissen80011
16 Matija Skalic70011
17 Norbert Pósán70011
18 Maciej Klus70011
19 Daniel Libront60011
20 Eimantas Šiaurys50011
21 Diogo Teixeira50011
22 Damià Bonsfills Miralles50011
23 Roope Kurkipää40011
24 Aaron Caballero40011
25 Simonas Urbonas40011
26 Joonas Raunioniemi40011
27 Guido Ristori30011
28 Martin Faber30011
29 Ernestas Andrijauskas20011
30 Kacper Smirnow20011

More info: