Edvinas Žadeikis triumph in Ahvenisto

Round 2 in Ahvenisto track in E-BaTCC series on World Sim Series platform was really eventful as planned by around 40 000 viewers behind the TV or computer screens – great battles on the track and sadly also a lot of crashes, as the track is narrow and every mistake costs dearly. 37 drivers from five countries lined up on the grid.

Tauras Gudinavicius, the fastest guy in Pre Q, proved his speed also in Qualifying, putting himself on the pole, followed by Edvinas Zadeikis and Karolis Jovaisa. The level of competition was really high, as the top 15 was covered by less than 2 seconds.

In race 1, Gudinavicius made a good start quickly starting to build a gap over followers. Karolis Jovaiša settled in second place, while Edvinas Žadeikis had a spectacular battle with Haroldas Jotautas, nice and clean. Žadeikis coming home third, half a second in front of Jotautas. Kārlis Ozoliņš finished the TOP5 coming home just behind Jotautas, while Dāvis Bite was just half a second behind Ozoliņš. As Bite got a penalty after the race Agnis Rozītis was promoted to 6th place.

Race 1 Top 10 finisher, BaTCC driver Tuomas Halonen started race 2 from Pole but lost the lead until the first corner, where all the drivers couldn’t fit in and some accidents occurred that really shuffled the grid order. Mareks Štolcermanis was lucky to escape the collisions in Turn 2 taking the lead and followed by Dāvis Bite, Tuomas Halonen, and Edvinas Zadeikis. A contact in Lap 2 between Bite and Štolcermanis gave a nice opportunity for Žadeikis to take the lead and he never looked back claiming a dominant win. Although Karolis Jovaiša fought back to finish second, after the race he was penalized and relegated to 3rd, giving back position no 2 to Dāvis Bite. Mareks Štolcermanis and Tuomas Halonen rounded up the TOP5.

The event was won by Edvinas Žadeikis with 37 points, who also receive the chance to test drive the BMW 325 CUP car in Audruring in Summer 2021. Karolis Jovaiša was second and Tauras Gudinavicius third.

13 drivers lined up for the Division 2 races. Horens Korbergs won race 1, while Estonian Romet Reisin won the second, granting him win in the round with 27 points, Korbergs was 2nd with 25 points, Eimantas Navikauskas third with 20.

The next E-BaTCC Round will take place this Sunday, November 29 at virtual Audruring. Join the PreQ!


The last-round GT3 drama

The WSS GT3 endurance championship ended this Sunday with 111 participants in the championship. The final stage took place on the Nordschleife, where participants had to cover 1360 turns in eight laps.

In the last stage, we missed the leaders of the championship, the Polish Jakub Charkot, and the German Jan Nimz had secured TOP2 positions even before the start of the last stage. However, five participants fought for third place in the championship until the last stage, there was only a few points difference between Harold Jotautas, Ethan Dean, Domantas Ladauskas, Tauras Gudinavičius, and Simonas Urbonas.

In the qualification, the POLE position was won by Ethan Dean with a lap 08:25.429. Domantas Ladauskas, a representative of the Dream 2 Drive team, made a lap with only one-tenth behind. Tauras Gudinavičius started third. 

The start of the race and the first laps guaranteed action until the very end of the race. The qualification trio created a series of actions in each lap divided into tenths of a second. Halfway through the race, there was an incident between the race leaders – E. Dean and D. Ladauskas, just before Antoniusbuche’s turn, had an incident. In this situation, E. Dean, who fell to 10th position after the incident, suffered the most. 

Another huge surprise and at the same time big drama is the newcomer to the championship – American John Cannon. Another alien, who had a great pace to fight for the podium, lost all hope by a mistake kissing the PIT entry wall.

The incident between D. Ladauskas and E. Dean allowed T. Gudinavičius to catch the leader and stick to the back of the teammate till the end of the race. Tauras finished crossed the finish line second at a distance of +00:00.259 from the teammate.

The amazing performance and third place went for another Lithuanian Simonas Urbonas, with a mint Mclaren GT3.

E.Dean and his come back performance probably blew the hearts of all the spectators. By the end of the race, the participant was able to recover to the fourth position and fixed the fastest lap time. However, the points of this position were not enough to establish themselves in third place of the season.

Immediately after the finish, we went to E.Dean to get a comment about the incident between him and D. Ladauskas.

 – Ethan, please tell us, what is your reaction to this racing incident? Will you file a driver protest?

– It’s an extremely unfortunate way to end what was easily my most promising weekend in WSS GT3 thus far. I had the pace to go for the win, a win which would have sealed me into third overall, but it is what it is. These things happen. It’s hard not to feel robbed, but Domantas accepted the blame so I chose to rescind any protest; since Gudinavicius and Urbonas finished ahead of me it would be little more than petty revenge anyway. I’m not about that.”

It’s amazing for us as a platform to see drivers’ attitudes toward other drivers, and this situation shows that WSS users are racers with soul. Thank you all for this amazing championship finish and in the next news, we will take an interview with the GT3 Championship winners. Stay tuned!

Final round DIV 1 results:

PosDriverGap Best lapIncLapsSeries PtsRating
 Domantas Ladauskas68:22.07808:25.63618 (8)251473 (+45)
 Tauras Gudinavicius+00:00.25908:24.32838 (8)181520 (+30)
 Simonas Urbonas+00:18.75508:26.60348 (8)151559 (+16)
 Ethan Dean+00:32.14008:23.91338 (8)121569 (+6)
 Grantas Kareckas+00:48.84608:31.34718 (8)101441 (+19)
 Ozgur Benzes+01:06.64008:32.21608 (8)81245 (+50)
 Jurij Lapo+01:08.76108:33.01938 (8)61311 (+28)
 Laurynas Razas+01:24.87308:28.01538 (8)41398 (+3)
 Rand Renwar+01:56.56308:36.61738 (8)21095 (+56)
10  Karolis Vilčinskas+02:47.36408:35.573108 (8)11127 (+42)
11  Aivaras Vaitiekūnas+03:07.70908:46.65118 (8)01213 (+16)
12  Mauro Teja+04:34.61108:49.54098 (8)01176 (+16)
13  Svajūnas Budra+04:41.89508:53.21878 (8)01015 (+39)
14 Justas PirinauskasDNF08:30.34507 (7)01414 (-48)
15 Vilmantas VanagasDNF08:41.36457 (7)01159 (-4)
16 Vincas ZaleckisDNF08:59.84497 (7)01049 (+9)
17 Haroldas JotautasDNF08:31.90046 (6)01418 (-73)
18 Justinas SaldukasDNF08:30.80595 (5)01285 (-55)
19 Laurynas ZopelisDNF08:42.658135 (5)01027 (-11)
20 John CannonDNF08:30.25113 (3)01010 (-16)
21 Mindaugas SurvilaDNF08:54.389113 (3)01265 (-75)
22 Arnas ŠleivysDNF__:__:___10 (0)01106 (-50)
23 Filip VaysmanDNF__:__:___80 (0)01014 (-41)

Overall season TOP30

1 Jakub Charkot1005666
2 Jan Nimz862565
3 Domantas Ladauskas671265
4 Tauras Gudinavicius660476
5 Haroldas Jotautas560385
6 Simonas Urbonas540287
7 Ethan Dean490177
8 Martynasm Morkism451355
9 Simon Kovacic402232
10 Ozgur Benzes401155
11 Tadas Dovidaitis380288
12 Grantas Kareckas380088
13 Karolis Vilčinskas291286
14 Svajūnas Budra290188
15 Aurimas Stecenka271155
16 Ovidijus Latoza260255
17 Victor Brill250132
18 Filip Vaysman231142
19 Domantas Varnys220077
20 Johan Seminario201131
21 Joaquin Jimenez201111
22 Ignacio Lanero200284
23 Laurynas Razas180033
24 Rand Renwar160165
25 Mauro Teja130186
26 Augustas Sleiva130132
27 Anthony Tittershill110054
28 Vilmantas Vanagas100143
29 Andrius Švitra100121
30 Sebastian Bjorkholm100111


WSS from now in Content manager

The WSS team is pleased to announce a new partnership with Content Manager!

Content Manager brings a lot of advanced features to Assetto Corsa and we think it is a must-have for any AC user – improved graphics effects, weather, mod management, and many more. We are very grateful to Ilja for collaborating with us and it’s a pleasure working with him.

What is Content manager?

A custom launcher and content management app for Assetto Corsa. Consist of a complete list of standard launcher features, plus huge extended functionality with advanced ability speed and usability. Faster, more powerful, more convenient. All in one.

  • Management for cars, car skins, showrooms, fonts, weathers and other types of content
  • Repair tool for obsolete car mods or mods with common errors
  • Flexible filters (documentation)
  • Car setups, Quick Drive, control presets and replays sharing
  • Content installation, built-in web-browser to find and quickly install new mods
  • Car previews updating, using either Custom Showroom or AC Showroom
  • Livery editor
  • Weather editor

Custom Shaders Patch

  • Weather FX: fully scriptable dynamic weather engine
  • Dynamic lights as part of Lighting FX
  • Particles FX (smoke, sparks, grass)
  • Various physics extensions
  • Optimizations and fixes
  • Car extensions: reverse lights, turning signals, working odometers and more
  • And more (full list is available here)

More info about content manager find here.


Dream 2 Drive in the search for racing talent in the Europe

The first Baltic sim racing championship Dream 2 Drive, on the fourth season, comes to Europe. Everybody from 14 years old will be able to participate: from keen sim racing fans to real track professionals. The fastest and the fittest will be nominated as the first European sim racing champion. Also, the winner gets a seat at Dream 2 Drive racing development program with the opportunity to race at the real tracks.

A chance to fulfill the dream

“Making a dream to drive as close to reality as possible for as many people as possible. That’s our main goal. However, the road to victory will be tricky and we’re working on that. This year we invite everybody across Europe. During three previous seasons, sim racers proved that they can compete for neck and neck with real professionals. Therefore this season we invite everybody. The fastest, fittest, and mentally toughest participant will get a chance to sign a contract and experience what Dream 2 Drive is all about. The new champion will become a real member of this program with the opportunity to participate in real races ‘ sais Dream 2 Drive founder Tauras Tunyla. 

Since 2017 Dream 2 Drive has already made 3 dreams come true. Previous champions Martynas Sidunovas, Domantas Ladauskas and Tauras Gudinavičius underwent a driver development program, got to a real racing team and already won their first podiums at main Baltic racing events.

As close to reality as possible

Dream 2 Drive championship qualification will begin on the 1st of November and will continue until the end of the year. The qualification will take place at the platform using Assetto Corsa software. It is a unique event since everybody can participate at home or at the local sim racing center. Drivers will compete using the Dream 2 Drive team’s Volkswagen Scirocco GT24, with a new aerodynamic package. 

3D professionals at the ‘’3D Creative’’ company had scanned the real car so it’s visually and dynamically is as close to the real one as possible. Even the interior is created to the tiniest details. Engineers had developed physics using huge amounts of data from the real car. However, the car is locked in the WSS platform thus everyone will have the same conditions since it’s unlocked in qualifying runs.

The result is the average time of three consecutive laps in the Circuit Zandvoort. The qualifying will determine the 100 fastest drivers who will get to the semi-finals.  After six rounds of semi-finals, TOP 6 overall standing participants will get to the finals. This time it’s not all about sim racing skills. Finalists will be evaluated by their physical, mental strength as well as real driving skills on a real racetrack. 

About Dream 2 Drive

Dream 2 Drive is a driver development program designed to offer year-by-year guidance, assistance, and technologies to help promising racers to climb the motorsport ladder. This driver development program every year organizes a sim racing championship where the new champion joins a racing program of talents and participates in main, real racing events. 

For more information – visit:

Let’s start!