Edvinas Žadeikis wins eBaTCC round 2

E-BaTCC round 2 Febi Champions League Grand Prix had all that a sim racing racer and spectator would want – high race pace, great racing side by side and battles for 1st position right till the finish line!

The round 1 winner Karolis Jovaiša was the man to beat in Kaunas, and he had a lot of competitors on his home soil. Edvinas Zadeikis was the fastest among the challengers. Pole position went to Jovaisa, second Zadeikis and the third place went to Tauras Gudinavicius. The top 6 positions all went to Lithuanians, while Finn Tuomas Halonen was best of the rest in P7, 0,6 sec off the pole.

The start was with only minor accidents and the race was greenlighted. Porsche driver Ernestas Andrijauskas had a great start and got himself up a couple of positions. The first big drama for the lead started in mid race when Karolis Jovaisa made a small mistake entering the pits, it took some time to repair the car. Edvinas Zadeikis had just enough time to pass Karolis when he exited the pits and the battle for the 1st place was on. Karolis was chasing Edvinas for 30 min less than 0,5 sec behind him. Edvinas managed to repel all offensive maneuvers, including  in the penultimate lap where drivers entered a corner side by side. Dream 2 Drive racer Kasparas Vaškelis took the third place.

Andrius Šliumba had a great race climbing up to 4th place from the 13th on start. First event’s second place guy Ernestas Andrijauskas took home 5th position. Wild card racer Mikk Maaten finished 14th while Džiugas Tovilavičius DNF.

3rd round of E-BaTCC World Sim Series will take place in auto24ring track in Parnu on June 7th. TOP 5 drivers from each division will be promoted to a higher division, while lower 5 will get relegated.

Div1 TOP5

Edvinas Žadeikis

Karolis Jovaisa

Kasparas Vaskelis

Andrius Šliumba

Ernestas Andrijauskas

Div 2 TOP5

Tadas Gedminas

Andrejs Laipnieks

Kristian Pints

Jurij Lapo

Karolis Pakrosnis

Div3 Winner:

Toomas Vabamae

Championship standings, TOP5:

Karolis Jovaisa, 43 points

Tadas Gedminas, 35 points

Edvinas Žadeikis, 31 points

Ernestas Andrijauskas, 28 points

Andrius Šliumba, 25 points



One of our most favorite event organisers had a very successful first time attack event and decided to push the ladder up and host a much more challenging series for our community – the “RingFreaks GT3 endurance series”. Not only they committed for a bigger prize, they also add some hardcore souce into the mix!
8 rounds (1 per week) in the most famous racetracks in the world including the last event on the Nurburgring.
2000€ prize rewards for the overall standing winners (1st to 10th positions)
Get your seatbelts ready and join this 2 months fight to be the king of Virtual GT3 series.

The cars for the series are Assetto Corsa GT3 cars with custom BOP balance Of performance (kg / restrictor):

BMW Z4 GT3 (12/0)
Ferrari 488 GT3 (10/0)
Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (24/8)
McLaren 650S GT3 (32/0)
Mercedes-AMG GT3 (8/8)
Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (5/0)
Porsche 911 GT3 R (2/0)

It’s forbidden to change cars after Round 1 of the Championship.

RingFreaks GT3 endurance series rounds:
26.05.2020 Round 1, Mugello
02.06.2020 Round 2, VIR
09.06.2020 Round 3, Spa
16.06.2020 Round 4, Suzuka
23.06.2020 Round 5, Imola
30.06.2020 Round 6, Bathurst
07.07.2020 Round 7, Macau
14.07.2020 Round 8, Nordschleife-Endurance

Prizes for overall standings:
Ring Freaks will reward drivers with vouchers for racing on the most extreme track in the world. You will be able to rent their cars and have a blast on the famous Nurburgring!

🏆 1st place 600eur
🥈 2nd place 400 eur
🥉 3rd place 250 eur
4 place 150 eur
5-10 places 100eur

Races will be promoted and broadcasted on social media channels.

Also did started GT3 SPRINT SERIES every-hour races which are in sync with same cars, tracks and conditions. Improve your race craft and setup!

More info here.


WSS Features: The calendar

For those who constantly miss our events we have developed an easy to use feature – „Add to Calendar“ button! This feature can be found on all our events and with one click of a button you will never miss it! Get your calendars updated guys!


Baltic Drift Championship

We are happy finally to announce our collaboration with Baltic Drift championship and WorldSimSeries EBALDC Sim Racing Series! While we are still forced to sit in our home and garages, no-one can stop us from sim racing together with World Sim Series and see who will be champion in virtual life!

Drift series calendar:
Qualification in one day, Top32 in second day

Round 1, Baltic Drift Championship, Bikernieki race track, configuration #fdstyle 15th-16th May
Round 2, Baltic Drift Championship, Lithuania, Kacergine race track, configuration #uphill 29th-30th May
Round 3, Baltic Drift Championship, Estonia, track will be announced soon, 12th-13th June

The entry fee for every event is 5 EUR;

Races will be promoted on social media and broadcasted Live in the main Baltic media channels.

The prize:
Real Driver that is participating in drift competitions will be compensated on his entrance fee to the real event in one of the drift competition in Latvia, Livonian Drift Championship, or Latvian Drift Cup, according to his license qualification. For a Fan of the real series, the prize will be “Friends package” entrance tickets, to drift a competition, for one of the stages of the “Baltic Drift Championship” in Latvia, plus various other gifts from organizer supporters.

Check for more info in event regulations.


Karolis Jovaisa wins the first ever E-BaTCC race

61 drivers from PREQ participated in the DeWALT GP, the first round of E-BaTCC series in World Sim Series system. Karolis Jovaisa (SEAT Leon) won the race in the highest division, followed by Ernestas Andrijauskas and Simonas Urbonas, both with Porsche GT4 cars. While Division 2 victory went to Damian Lempart, while Division 3 was won by Tadas Gedminas.

The Qualifying for round 1 was really close and the starting position meant much in the competitive field like this. Pole position went to Karolis Jovaisa with a lap time of 1:20.270, second was Edvinas Zadeikis(+0,041), Tauras Gudinavicius was third(+0.228). Second row was completed by Latvian Dzintars Raits.

Jovaisa had a good start and kept his first position in the first corners. Ernestas Andrijauskas had a great start rocketing throught to 2nd place. Tauras Gudinavicius was closely following him and overtook Ernestas in the first lap. Jovaisa and Gudinavicius slowly pulled away from the field. Simonas Urbonas did a really god job in opening laps, getting from 14th on the grid to third place.

Gudinavicius had some errors in pitstops that relegated him to the middle of the field where hard battles were experienced for the positions. Karolis Jovaisa secured a win with big gap of 25 seconds to Ernestas Andrijauskas who in the last lap managed to overtake Simonas Urbonas for the 2nd place. 4th was Janis Kalvans, while fifth place went to Justas Staciokas.

2nd round Febi Champions League GP of E-BaTCC series will take place on May 24 in Nemuno Ziedas race track. TOP 5 drivers from each division will be promoted to a higher division, while lower 5 will get relegated.

eBaTCC standings after ROUND 1

1 Karolis Jovaisa251111
2 Damian Lempart201111
3 Ernestas Andrijauskas180111
4 Tadas Gedminas151111
5 Simonas Urbonas150111
6 Andrius Šliumba130111
7 Janis Kalvans120011
8 Antti-jussi Kaskinen101111
9 Tomas Jurevicius100111
10 Giedrius Luksevicius100111
11 Justas Staciokas100011
12 Marijus Kymantas80111
13 Urmas Riis80011
14 Haroldas Jotautas70011
15 Tadas Ivasauskas70011
16 Edvinas Žadeikis60011
17 Vytautas Sabutis50011
18 Valdis Ozols50011
19 Andrejs Laipnieks40011
20 Tauras Gudinavicius40011
21 Igor Tymusz40011
22 Romet Reisin30011
23 Dāvis Bite30011
24 Matiss Riekstins20011
25 Nerimantas Einingis20011
26 Deividas Šmigelskis20011
27 Alexander Arnesen10011
28 Darius Vasiliauskas10011
29 Igor Basarovskiy10011