E-BaTCC season 2!

BaTCC series organisers presents EBaTCC season 2!

”This time we will determine the fastest sim racer fo the Baltic States with equal cars in a sprint racing format! We will go around four iconic region tracks in BMW 325 CUP E90 cars that are becoming the hit in Baltic motorsports.” – says Janis Straupe.

The winner of each event will get a 15 min of testing the car in Audruring in the 2021 summer, while the winner of the series in overall standings will get 3×15 min test sessions! First step into the real racing!

Each E-BaTCC event will have a pre Q from Monday to Saturday night that will determine how racers are split into divisions – the fastest 24 will go in Div 1 for the round, the next 24 will be in Division 2, next 24 in Division 3 etc. Racers can acquire points in all divisions when fighting for the overall standings!

The race weekend itself will have a two 20 min races full of action. Race 1 grid is determined by the Qualifying results while Race 2 grid is set by Race 1 results with TOP10 cars reversed on the grid. 10 EUR fee includes Pre Q(60 mins) and the race weekend.

We want to try something new! So every E-BaTCC event will be merged with separate Legends cars series making it a unique experience for spectators. How will it look? The TV broadcast will start with BMW Race 1, after the finish the broadcast will switch to Legends Race 1, at this time BMW race drivers get a bit of the rest between races. After Legends Race 1, the broadcast switches back to BMW Race 2 and then again to Legends Race 2 – like in a real BaTCC racing weekend.

E-BaTCC 2021 season calendar:
Round 1, Kaunas Grand Prix, Nemuno Ziedas Fast Lap, 15.11.2020
Round 2, Finland Grand Prix, Ahvenisto 22.11.2020
Round 3, Parnu Summer Race, Audruring, 29.11.2020
Round 4, Motul Grand Prix, Bikernieki Ring of Speed, 06.12.2020

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